Women’s Write of Passage ~ A wisdom journey in Bali, September 23 – 27, 2018

Wisdom ~ never grows old.  A five-day journey through writing, listening, sharing and guided deep exploration of the true story that yearns to bare its gorgeous truth through the pages of your life.

starmoon woman
“The treasure of a lifetime lies buried in the cave you fear to enter”. Joseph Campbell.

A Women’s Write of Passage
September 23 ~ 27th, 2018

Ubud, Bali.  US$650*

early birds US$610, before Sept 1st.

Includes refreshments & delicious gourmet lunch daily.
Limited Places.

Message here, or contact Jade Richardson at jade.gently@gmail.com for more details.

~ * ~

“This course does not just change your writing. It changes your life! Definitely the best workshop I’ve done. Ever”
Nadine McNeil. Yoga Barn. Ubud. 

womens write4

There is a genius at work in the story of your life – discovering this design, taming its dragons, healing its wounds and discovering the treasure at heart is the purpose of every human journey, in every culture, through every curve of our awakening.

There are times when a story is trying to birth in us. This is not a time when the body or the mind seeks more complexity, but yearns for the relief of clarity, of smooth unfolding, of wisdom.

The symptoms are often stress. Feelings of overwhelm, grief, sadness, frustration, anger, confusion, old stories come out to prowl… And the symptoms can be enthusiasm, passion, energy, inspiration. If you feel this, one way to unleash this creative energy, the leadership of YOUR OWN true voice, is in Jade Richardson’s safe hands. There are beautiful, easy, powerful ways of gently opening the petals of the stories stuck, longing to be lived, ready for transformation and rich with truth and clarity that it is my great delight to share.

~ * ~

Write of Passage is a journey through the magic wilderness of your own true story to discover the adventure behind your life, the powerful forces that have graced and humbled you, so that you can bring that genius forward with courage, clarity and strength of heart.

“There are guides whose work is to really take you there. Jade is one of those. You will not leave her gorgeous fire without gifts that will change your life. If you are ever have the chance to work with her – do it!”  R. Hull. Sydney Opera House

~ * ~

There is a treasure that lies in wait at the heart of each of our true stories. A power far greater than your imagination, and beyond the intelligence with which you ‘create your destiny’, or ‘hunt for purpose’. This power is the wellspring of your humanity. Of Earthling power. It has been lost, distorted, maligned and damaged for generations. But this true gift of a lifetime is preserved in story, in myth, in synchronicity, grief, yearning and all the trials and potentials of the life you are already living.

Tap this well, participate with courage in your own metamorphosis, and you will bring your self ~ and your gifts – to life with grace and courage.

This is a five-day journey through the forest of world myth and your own personal story to retrieve the boons of courage, purpose, grace and creativity that are the true gold of a human life.

This work is delicate, intimate, powerful and cathartic. It is like pouring your life story through the hourglass of truth, so that what may have wounded you can complete its work, and what is calling you can find you fit to do your work.

We use story, movement, writing, sharing and insight from the great myths and lost archives of world story to stir the medicine – the process is ideal for anybody with a story stuck inside them, or one trying to blossom – for teachers, healers, leaders, writers, story tellers and those longing to get to the bottom of a rabbit hole. We work in English, but you only need a conversational skill level – you do not need to be good at writing – actually, the more crap you are – the better!

But be warned… a Write of Passage is no ordinary medicine.

* “Jade teaches like a prophet, and writes like a genius. The chance to work with her is a gift in a lifetime ~ don’t miss it!” R. Eaton, UK” *

~ * ~

As lives, collective and personal, are cast into the fires of transformation everywhere, teachers have been crafted and tempered over the fires of myth and loss, to prepare the way for a league of powerful new voices to come through with a healing spell for the human story.

This is your chance to work with one of those.

If you are ready to understand the genius of your problems, the excellence of your injuries and the radiant way ahead in your life, then this is the workshop for you.

Enquire or book at jade.gently@gmail.com, or here at the event. Places will fill, so don’t miss out – these workshops are rare!

“Working with Jade was a truly eye-opening and profound experience that dramatically transformed the way I approach my inspiration and creative expression. Our time together showed to me that I can trust the feelings and words arising from deep inside of me. I could start breaking the walls of silencing shame and experience how liberating it feels to show up with courage and authenticity. With guidance and support from Jade and other participants of the “write” I could revisit the pages of my own story that held a lot of pain and darkness, but also – healing potential and clues pointing towards my true calling.  I learned the power of the truth unleashed and shared unapologetically and stepped into my own – as a writer and story crafter.” Maria Ullberg, Bali, 2018

* ~ *

The Details

• Our circle will be deliciously small, gathering in a private villa in Ubud, with access to gardens, and private space throughout the course for reflection, stretch, dance or play.

• The course begins with a 2 hour evening meeting to open the circle and set the spell.

• Workshop days are 10am ~ 5pm, including refreshments and lunch

• There will be no use of phones or access to wifi during course times.

• We will work together through storytelling, writing, art, sharing and some simple body movement.

• There will be exploration of key stories in your life, and of the major modern myths and symbols of female power and disempowerment, based on the work of Jung, Joseph Campbell, Caroline Myss, and the great legends of the last cultures who uphold the sacred feminine.

• The course material will be strong medicine – prepare to have veils ripped to shreds 🙂 and golden seeds brought to life.


To ask further questions, please contact:

“Jade has a rare gift in seeing into your soul and knowing just what splinter needs to be pulled, as well as which light is longing to be kindled. He course changed my life – no question – it was just what I needed to get on with making something beautiful out of my story.” Sara Kind, Australia


jademagazine2 Jade Richardson is an academic who has studied story telling, the language of the archetypes, the codex of mythology and worked for twenty years around the world assisting people to use their own true stories to discover where creative energy is blocked, suppressed, abandoned or disguised. 

All human life is designed for this adventure – it is symbolised by metamorphosis, the phoenix and by grace, but the culture has lost the rites and wisdom, so the pathways are unclear. This leads to very real suffering. Depression, failure to thrive, deep grief, illness, anger, isolation, success without lasting joy and feelings of overwhelm are NOT the legacy of our biographical weakness, but the pain of being unable to make safe rites of passage in wise hands.

Following the threads of great work by Jung, Joseph Campbell, Carolyn Myss, wiser cultures and the living global library of gods and goddesses, Jade can guide you on a fascinating dive into your story t awaken your true creative energy and the forces that inspire you.


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