Write of Passage ~ 5 day workshop in Bali

Just Two Places Left ~ The quest to tap your true creative energy, refine its voice, and set it to work making good in the world is the true meaning of a lifetime.  Add to that the skills and secrets of the powerful craft of beautiful writing, and you are on the way to a life well lived!

Take the rare opportunity to dive into the creative well with me in beautiful Ubud, Bali this month, to find the gold in your true story, and develop the Arts of great story telling, eloquence and inspiration.

Write of Passage
July 16 – July 20 2019
Ubud, Bali

earlybirds before July 5, US$520
Includes refreshments, lunch daily and the keys to the genius of your own true story.
Limited Places.

“This course does not just change your writing. It changes your life! Definitely the best workshop I’ve done. Ever.”    Nadine McNeil. Yoga Barn. Ubud. 2015/17


There is a genius at work in the story of your life – discovering this design, taming its dragons, healing its wounds and discovering the treasure at heart is the purpose of every human journey, in every culture, through every curve of our life’s story.

Write of Passage is a journey through the magic wilderness of your own true story to discover the adventure behind your life, the powerful forces that have graced and humbled you, so that you can bring that genius forward with courage, clarity and strength of heart.


“There are guides whose work is to really take you there. Jade is one of those. You will not leave her gorgeous fire without gifts that will change your life. If you are ever have the chance to work with her – do it!”

Richard Hull. Sydney Opera House.

If you have stories stuck inside you, are on the verge of re-creating your walk on Earth, yearn for a lifestyle that seems unrealistic, are writing a book, or wrestling with anxiety, depression, addiction, lethargy, disillusionment or long for clarity and courage on your adventure ~ this workshop is for you.

As well as developing your skills in eloquence, writing, listening, leadership and personal courage and focus, you will gain an insight to the human quest for meaning, the mechanics of your own biography of success and struggle, and what it really means to live in a world in which you and everything around you is rich with love and intelligence.

There IS a treasure that lies in wait at the heart of each of your true stories.

A power far greater than your imagination, and beyond the intelligence with which you ‘create your destiny’, or ‘hunt for purpose’.

This power is the wellspring of your humanity. It can also be the hidden engine behind anxiety, addiction, confusion, depression, resentment, family tensions and a sense of longing or frustration for ‘living the life you were meant to have’ – but that seems impossible, risky, out of reach or impractical in ‘the real world’.

As all the world’s great library of myth, story, scripture and psychology points toward – there is one great transformative power on this Earth – and that is your own creativity.

For most of us, this wild and wise genius has been lost, distorted, maligned and damaged for generations and in a culture driven by reason and survival. But your creativity – the compass that drives your vision, purpose, health and happiness does point to your True North.

Through story, writing, study of myth, understanding of archetypes, and retracing the threads of your own true story, we can restore your understanding of your own true nature, the adventure you long to take, and the fears and contracts that keep you from it.

Your best qualities, as well as your griefs, failings, misadventures and shadows are all pointing the way ~ if you can only learn to read the language of their signs and symbols.

Tap this well, participate with courage in your own metamorphosis, and you will bring your self ~ and your gifts – to life with grace and courage.

“Jade is a real-life, living shaman who has the incredible gift of seeing into the heart of your story, peeling away your own fears and doubts, and bringing the gem you have hidden inside you to light with incredible swiftness of insight. Better than that – she can show you how to use it, why it matters and help you set out straight toward it.” Andi X Oo, Bali, 2018.

~ * ~
What is the Write of Passage?

These small and beautiful circles were born in Bali and have been happening for more than ten years around the world.

Writes of Passage appear by chance, at the right time, and it is rare to be invited, or to find the trail that could lead you to take part.

They are lead by Jade Richardson, who is an author, writing coach, teacher and scholar of myth, psychology and socio-political dynamics. Her background is in Investigative Journalism, Mountaineering, Communications Strategy, Entheogens, Amazonian and Aboriginal lore, creative wounds and storytelling.

This Write is a five-day journey through the forest of world myth and your own personal story to retrieve the boons of courage, purpose, grace and creative mastery that are the true gold of a human life.

This work is delicate, intimate, powerful and cathartic. It is like pouring your life story through the hourglass of truth, so that what may have wounded you can complete its work, and what is calling you can find you fit to do your work.

We use story, movement, writing, sharing and insight from the great myths and lost archives of world story to stir the medicine – the process is ideal for anybody with a story stuck inside them, or one trying to blossom – for teachers, healers, leaders, writers, story tellers and those longing to get to the bottom of a rabbit hole. We work in English, but you only need a conversational skill level – you do not need to be good at writing – actually, the more crap you are – the better!

* “Jade teaches like a prophet, and writes like a genius.

The chance to work with her is a gift in a lifetime ~ don’t miss it!”

Roger Eaton, UK”

Who is this for?

If you are ready to understand the genius behind your dilemmas, the nature of your unique life adventure, the excellence of your injuries and the radiant way ahead in your life, then this is the workshop for you.

If you are writing, teaching, leading or wishing to – it is for you.

The course is based on using story telling, writing, art, dialogue, study of archetypes and mythology, and exploration of key events, characters and patterns in YOUR own true story.

You do not have to be gifted in writing or art to get the benefit. You do not need to be able to spell.

Enquire or book by PM, here at the event, or by email. Places will fill, so don’t miss out -these workshops are rare!


* ~ *

The Details

• Our circle will be deliciously small, gathering in a private villa in Ubud, with access to gardens, and private space throughout the course for reflection, stretch, dance or play.

• Paying via Paypal or in cash secures your spot. Places are limited as these circles are strongly supported by close work between participants, intimate exploration of your own stories and writing, and a strong emphasis on personal attention.

• There are some simple but significant preparations ahead of the first meeting.

• The course begins with a 2 hour evening meeting to open the circle and set the spell on Sunday July 16.

• Workshop days are 10am ~ 5pm, including refreshments and lunch

• Participants are strongly encouraged to clear their schedule for the time of the workshop, to immerse in the material and the insights, and complete homework that I can use as part of the unfolding.

• There will be no use of phones or access to wifi during course times.

• We will work together through storytelling, writing, art, sharing and some simple body movement.

• There will be exploration of key stories in your life, and of the major modern myths and symbols of personal power and disempowerment, based on the work of Jung, Jospeh Campbell, Caroline Myss, and the great legends of the world’s trove of stories that support the adventure of human life.

• The course material will be strong medicine – prepare to have veils ripped to shreds 🙂 and golden seeds brought to life.

“Jade has a rare gift in seeing into your soul and knowing just what splinter needs to be pulled, as well as which light is longing to be kindled. He course changed my life – no question – it was just what I needed to get on with making something beautiful out of my story.” Sara Kind, Australia

One thought on “Write of Passage ~ 5 day workshop in Bali

  1. Hi Jade,

    Sorely tempted to join you for the workshop below. I have only just seen the email. How is for second timers do you think? Nadine was there a second  time when I was there three or four years ago?

    I see a good fare over on the 15th and shitty ones either side of that :-xx

    > WordPress.com > passionfruitcowgirl posted: “Just Two Places Left ~ The quest to tap > your true creative energy, refine its voice, and set it to work making > good in the world is the true meaning of a lifetime. Add to that the > skills and secrets of the powerful craft of beautiful writing, and you > are ” >

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