Death of a Shaman ~ Diego Palma takes his own medicine

Diego Palma is dead. And I am not surprised. Neither would he be, I suspect, since the ‘luxury shaman’ of Peru’s Sacred Valley, a shrewd tycoon and thief of indigenous lore and wisdom, made a fortune on treasons he committed against forces that deal in death and vengeance.

Diego Palmer, quit a failed city career in Finance/ Tech, to start his own empire in ‘shamanism’, real estate and creation of a global ‘tribe’ dealing in psychedelic healing rituals. and trafficking .

Yes, Diego Palma, the city-slicker shaman who built a glamorous global empire on knowledge he stole from South America’s ancient and dangerous lineage of plant medicine healers, is dead. And I am not sad. It was only a matter of time before the emperor on a stolen throne would have to sip his own medicine, and account for the blood on his trail.

Thousands of those he served the ayahuasca brew over 15 years in Peru, are grieving a man who they never really knew.

Because the Diego Palma who showed the world a mild, transcendental smirk, as he loped about the Peruvian countryside in hessian ‘Jesus-wear’, with ponchos, was a fabrication.

Palma knowingly cultivated and then played on others’ willingness to invest in him shamanic powers, then narcissistically mocked them for their gullibility. As you can watch here, in a study of how little he really knew of shamanism, but relied on a salad of sarcasm, pop psychology, persuasion and New Age rhetoric to gather his many thousands of followers.

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 8.26.52 am.png
Diego Palma, far right corner, invented himself as a shaman, and lead thousands into his ‘ayahuasca tribe’ and land holdings.

The true story of Diego Palma, the war he created and the business empire he built on psychedelics and land pimping was sealed in secrets, and eventually in blood.

If you are reading this, you’ve also managed to outwit the gringo network of ayahuasca entrepreneurs , cult tribes and hush makers who have suppressed this story everywhere… and you are in good company, because there are powerful shaman and defenders of culture everywhere who are getting a voice, and who want to say NO MORE!

~ * ~

October 21, 2019: News trickled in on online plant medicine and shamanic forums (but was scrupulously hidden on search engines), that the Ayahuasca Tycoon of the remote pueblo, Pisac, in Peru’s Sacred Valley, had died from cancer, about a decade after he had overseen the ruination of the man who taught him all he knew.

From Bali to Berlin, key figures in Diego Palma’s organisation, The Sacred Valley Tribe, an influential and wealthy network of drug trafficking profiteers the imposter shaman recruited using the dangerous and powerful mind altering plants of Amazonian culture, issued sad messages from their own HQs as startup gurus and healers.

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 7.17.22 am.png
New Age-style psychedelic ‘ceremony’ spaces mash up Hindu, Buddhist and interior decorating themes, and are a far cry from the simple, nature-based traditional settings where true ayahuasca healers work.

Melancholic guitar and cringe sacred techno tributes from his cult followers appeared on social media after he passed from cancer on October 21, 2019, but an obvious veil of secrecy was activated within hours of Palma’s death, and tributes have now mostly disappeared.

Yes, mostly, the businessman’s death, after an extremely lucrative two decades dealing in psychedelic healing and real estate, was hushed up online, possibly because early death, in shamanic circles, is in itself a sign of trouble.

And because those who understand the ferocity of true shamanic war, will be fearing for their own selves too, or should be.

~ * ~

Here at passionfruitcowgirl, messages from Diego’s vast international net of fans and acolytes trickled in from those who know the city-bred exploiter of indigenous plant secrets, as a ‘currandero’  a magic man of ancient and sacred wisdom, but who do not know the truth of his rise to fame.

And among them, and in briefer, harsher tones, a series of relieved or even bitter messages from genuine plant workers in South America who are glad he is gone, and who have been waiting a long time to see the sacred plants avenge themselves.

Powerful Shipibo and Amazon-based curranderos were in touch. There were heated conversations. There was anger. And then there was the sober and deadly nod of my maestro, too, the mighty and fearsome Banco of Tamshyako, who said, it is time the truth was told. And also time the gringo thieves of true plant medicines were given warning that the game is up.

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 7.46.54 pm
Actually, Yoga Barn, and Levi Banner – no. This is not ok.

Meanwhile, I’d say pot lucks were not doubt on, everywhere from Byron Bay to San Fransisco, with those who trade in ayahuasca, the powerful psychotropic plant brew belonging to the ancient lore of South American jungle people, and whose ring leader has left a throne to be reseated.

Here in Bali, those among us who have networked the New Age Yoga/ Psychedelic trail, exploiting every possible sacrament to make a fortune, and selling ceremonies under Diego’s empire were probably ‘a little bit sad’.

But I suspect their grieving was distracted by the intoxicating whiff of a new opening in the market – now their guru is gone. Because among this ‘tribe’, being a goddess, or a healer, or a shaman, or a yogi, or the top of any sort of pyramid is the real name of the spirituality game.

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 10.29.40 pm.png

Yes, some of you out there are mourning a man who taught you how to turn the proud, fierce rites of a brave culture into a singalong circus, and make your own fortunes as gringo shaman, false gurus and criminal traffickers of illegal drugs.

And some of you have drunk the Kool Aid, and don’t know it.

Because even among his closest apprentices, very few people know the real man behind the Diego Palma shaman mask.

And those who do will never tell.

Because Palma, the one who reinvented himself in 2004, and headed from the city of Lima to the Peruvian hills, may have had many fine qualities, but he was also a businessman of ruthless ambition, dark deeds and massive influence in Peru’s Sacred Valley, a large slab of which his estate now owns, (and trades in).

And because the others are either dead or ready to edge into his seat.


~ * ~

The candles and the prayers for Diego Palma go out to a man who ripped away the true, holy covenants of Ayahuasca ceremony to invent easy-access, high volume, ‘healing ceremonies’ for tourists, who thought they were getting medical, psychological, or sacred journeys, but were really sold cheesy kum buy ah circles for huge fees by a deeply corrupt and cynical team of ex-bankers, addicts and djs.

Diego’s inner circle was made of financiers, real estate sharks and confused hippies desperate to be among the a chosen few he drip-fed access to the vast financial gains and massive real estate prospects he shrewdly levered as he built his fortune as the imposter currandero of Peru’s spectacular Cusco region.

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 7.21.25 am.png
The rising global Yoga and Ayahausca ‘healing tribe’ – where real estate empires, drug trafficking and rampant narcissism meet spirituality.

The vast and bewildering caravan of traders on ancient animist rites broke every covenant and every sacred boundary when they plundered indigenous plants, but though they credit the healing rites of the Amazon, Australia, Africa and everywhere – they scoff at the warnings that the mysterious forces defend the holy sacraments, and do nothing to honour or defend its true custodians.

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 8.09.11 pm.png
Gringos hunting shaman dollar... Ixchel Lovelove of Soma, in Ubud, where she is accused of running ‘lotus’ pyramid schemes.  (And there’s that Yoga Barn logo again)


Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 10.49.11 pm.png
Let’s meet “Ixchel LoveLove ” another ayahuasca imposter who has obviously renamed herself (from Rachel Love Love, among other things), now she has cashed in on the lucrative and illegal yoga/ lotus ponsy scheme in Bali and is seeking shaman dollar. She and her mates are among a vast ‘tribe’ of gringo shaman operating and selling plant medicines in Bali and elsewhere. They make a massive profit from thousands of moonblinked customers, while the true custodians of the Amazon, and its lore, are being murdered every day in defence of their forests and their culture.

Everywhere, people are trading in sacred plants, setting themselves up as healers and shaman, and seeking trips, highs, healing or visions, and recklessly ignoring the consequences of this plunder, or the unseen forces that avenge it.

After cashing out big on yoga, especially in once charming, and now toxic hubs like Ubud, Bali, and Costa Rica, ‘the tribe’ has learned the formula – hunt on the latest ‘spiritual trend’, appropriate rites or story or sacraments from indigenous or ‘ancient’ cultures, buy up ALL the land around yourself, and market the hell out of both your ‘healing’ abilities, and cheap real estate.

They are making a fortune on stolen ceremony, and gentrifying small villages, traditional pueblos, virgin land – anywhere they can find cheap acres to flip on the cults they establish around themselves in places like Costa Rica, Indonesia, South America.

While they play guitars and talk about ‘love and light’, the true medicine men and nature defenders of this planet are assassinated and systematically murdered in the Amazon and everywhere indigenous, virgin forest, and their cultures are in peril.

Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 8.48.55 pm.png

Meanwhile, the global mega-bucks have been hauled in on the back of these people and their cultures, by individuals like American, Meghan Pappenheim, in Bali, who established the Yoga Barn there and gives no fucks what’s sold as yoga or healing or shamanism or trauma therapy (shame on you, Bex Tyrer) at her juggernaut, as long as the dollars keep rolling.

Her teaching staff are ALL untrained. There have been countless issues, including burns, fractures, mental health disturbances, breakdowns, sex abuse and cult behaviour at Yoga Barn, but Pappenheim’s brand is massive, her real estate holdings huge, and her local staff earn less than $5 a day – so imagine the pyramid you can build on that formula. And the irony, of course, being that the slave wages go to the Bali heirs of an animist culture which actually does ceremony, instead of just selling it, like the mostly white ‘shaman’ and ‘yoga healers’ who make big bank at Yoga Barn.

This is Meghan Pappenheim in an image she made herself, demonstrating what she really thinks of the sacred culture of Yoga, despite making a fortune from it at Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali. Pappenheim has been sued for hosting cults at Yoga Barn, and has covered up reports of accidents, sex abuse, ponsy schemes and peddling of ayahuasca ceremonies at Yoga Barn, saying… “We’re all grown ups here: it’s Buyer Beware”.

But these people – the spirituality tribe – say nothing on these issues.

They claim ‘community’ but there is no actual leadership, morality or accountability among them. They claim ‘healing’, but on a buyer beware basis.

This is a ‘tribe’ on hunt for status and money: they will use any persuasion, vulnerability, drums, feathers, intoxicants and fashionable gimmicks (including risking death penalty in Indonesia for dealing in illegal substances) to get it.

They’re too busy becoming limitless, or hunting miracles, or manifesting their dream lives on yoga, and ayahuasca dollar to bother with the genocide facing the people they claim to have been initiated by, nor the injuries and mischief they are causing themselves.

The recent outcome of ‘shamanic’ transformation work by gringo entrepreneurs and ‘healers’ of the New Age yoga community. Nik Wood was left permanently brain damaged, in Bali, but those responsible at Yogi Lab are still marketing their services. And then there are the mounting cases of deaths and disaster in plant ceremonies as well….

Myself and others have said it plainly: there is more to the occult realms than your gringo shaman knows.

As one researcher into the sacred rites and chemistries of African peoples told me;

“A Westerner dabbling in animism is like a

toddler playing with sharks.”

And others, natives of South America, the true heirs of these ceremonial plants, and even scientists and fellow plant workers are quietly observing the tragic mathematics of voodoo justice around a man who was a villain from the start.

~ * ~

I met Diego Palma in Pisac in 2008 when the tourist scene was gently emerging between Cusco and Machu Picchu, and Palma had already made his Machiavellian move.

Use of the psychotropic plants, ayahuasca and san pedro cactus, had fallen into the hands of entrepreneurial travellers, city-slicker businessmen and vast hordes of the lame, sick and trend-conscious were on the way to spend big dollar for access to the sacred psychedelic temple of the Great Mother, ayahuasca.

When I say vast, what I mean is MASSIVE.

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 8.26.13 am.png
Palma’s ‘tribe’ HQ where more than 100 people at a time paid to drink psychedelic ‘medicines’ in ‘healings’.

From virtual obscurity in 2000, psychedelic plants EXPLODED into the public arena by 2010. There was a prophecy around this that even remote jungle curranderos understood, but nobody calculated the ferocity with which outsiders would steal and peddle the medicine, nor the multitudes of sick, lost, curious and irreverent who would come to drink it, or buy it online to swig at home.

Diego, a city boy from Lima, picked the market well. He caught the sniff of gold. He found his own cache in the Sacred Valley hills. And he zeroed in to mine it.

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 10.38.59 pm.png

Trading his richboy city life for an apprenticeship to an actual ancestral shaman who lived quietly in the Pisac region and whose name is now erased, along with his home and memory, Diego said he came to cherish the sacred rites, but what he really wanted was to copy them.

While he feigned the role of humble student with the healer, Palma, ex-Tech in Finance, quietly bought vast tracts of land in the undeveloped hamlet of Pisac, secured leases on shops, plotted subdivisons and strategised a cluster of business to serve them and the cult that he would build, once he had plundered all he could from the healer, and then betrayed him.

When I arrived this was well underway.

Diego had built luxury houses on the outskirts of town, he had secured possession of huge plots of land for his future suburbs full of wannabes and seekers, projected the massive escalation of land values this would cause, and had totally defied the taboo his shaman teacher had placed on him from ever serving the medicine himself.

He set up a website that did not disguise his aims.

He traded in healing ceremony and real estate from the start.


Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 10.41.46 pm.png
See the Menu here – everything on SALE – from ‘ceremony’, to the real estate to go with it. This is NOT shamanism. True shaman DO NOT displace indigenous people, nor develop isolated hamlets to prosper off flipping to ‘tribe’. They do NOT deal in TRIBE. They deal in freedom.

But in his own teacher’s opinion, Diego Palma was no shaman.

He was never anointed to hold ceremony. He was never given the tools or maps to really navigate the dangerous realms of these catastrophic and profound tribal recipes and rituals. He received more than he ever understood, really, and was only ever capable of using plant medicine as entertainment, or worse.

He was, in fact, in deliberate and conscious breach of the lineage he plundered, and all of this had resulted in the shunning of his maestro, and the declaration of shamanic war between the humble elder and the student who deceived him.

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 10.22.49 pm.png

Everybody in Pisac in 2008 knew this. But nobody cared.

Within a few short years the obvious wealth, the influx of tourists paying any price for the legendary ayahuasca experience, the intoxication of ceremonies designed to recruit followers, the exploitation of thousands of people who were drugged, sleep deprived and could smell a future life as puppets and imitators of the Diego Palma illusion saw gold on their horizons too, and the real maestro was made invisible, forgotten out in his hillside finka, and eventually left to rot.

~ * ~


Whispers of this story made it to the little adobe cottage where I was running a hostel for freaked out Americans and others seeking respite from the impending cataclysms in their countries.

I had, as it happened, a lot to do with ayahuasca. And been apprenticed also.

I was only months out from a long stint in the Amazon myself, under the tough care and severe protocols of one of the oldest and most fearsome of ayahuasca shaman in all Peru. And I had seen what shamanic healing looked like, and what shamanic initiation asked.

True curranderos and custodians of plant medicine like powerful medicine worker, Agustin Rivas Gonzales, are calling for respect. They do not support the fashion in ayahuasca ‘tribe’ and its fraudulent claims of shamanism. FOR THE RECORD – this Banco of true Peruvian shamanic descent from Iquitos region approves of this story and agrees – it is time for gringo imposters to be exposed. You can see my posts on his wall. And read his warnings HERE.

It was a tough, ugly, profound and miraculous journey. I had no intentions or pretensions of ever using that experience to facilitate others, and I had seen the viscous consequences when one around me did.

After months out in the remote and sweaty jungle, an indigenous man who was understudying my maestro disobeyed etiquette at the temple (a wonky wooden hut reserved for giving ayahuasca and elaborate healing rites) by serving plant medicine while the shaman was away.

All. Hell. Broke. Loose.

Severe punishment was metered out. The shaman, returning, roared like a sea monster. His face went purple with fury, and a terrible, violent, radioactive silence shrouded the jungle everywhere for days.

Our little camp shivered. Our frigid camp cowered under the wrath of a shaman who defended the honour of the medicine and the hierarchy of its use like he was avenging the Earth herself, and it took weeks of punishment, peace-making and adventures into the psychedelic realms to earn forgiveness, to restore the space and heal the camp of treason.

Our shaman was the heir of his father’s legacy. His father, the feared and respected Banco of the region, had earned his ceremonial rite by decades of prostration, isolation, pilgrimage into the deep Amazon with ayahuasca and other simple or deadly poisonous plants which took him to the most terrifying and ecstatic corners of the biological, karmic, intergalactic and unseen worlds they reign.

He was the child of medicine men murdered, tortured, ruined and heroic in keeping these secrets alive as they were hunted down and stamped from living memory by Conquistadors and missionaries.

This was a man who, then, at maybe 80, was spritely as a pixie, with wide eyes bright with gold of wisdom, and so brim full of life and mischief that he was to be seen constantly whizzing about the Amazon on Yamahas, fast boats, and bare feet, usually in his underpants, with harps strung across his shoulder and singing wild, lusty love songs to the trees and clouds.

This man, who is still Yamahing about at almost 100 today, and adoring the terrible gate keepers to the shamanic realm he humbly begs for entry and for favour, had also built a quaint and wonky sort of retreat deep in the Amazon. He also knew the hordes were coming.

He was said, in fact, to be the first Ayhauasca millionaire, and with that wealth he built a school for river children, and did not appear to have developed a taste for Calvin Kleins, real estate, wearing feathers, making websites or any other sort of cult or capitalistic type endeavours.

He said, “de medicine, ahhh but she is beautiful!

She is de wise and very gentle one.

She is de one who be so de very dangerous and jealous one.

We must be walking very softly, very with respect with her – and I be telling you! Superstition, disrespect, dishonour or sneaky business will not be please de Mother, Ayahuasca, and all her magnificent friends.

Oh, she will see de everything.

And she will be de one who speaks, and rules, and revenges, in de end. And always.

This. Be you remember!

When you drink with me, you always be with me.

I will be to find you when I need you.

Now, Vamos!”

And off he zoomed, with a little monkey in his pocket, and a very buxom young Peruvian lady beaming and giggling and pressing herself in close to his sun-polished naked back, into the wild and heavy jungle.


~ * ~

In my first ceremony with this man, one I had not signed up for, actually, but was singled out by kooky chance to have been almost abducted into out of the jungle city, Iquitos, I saw this man transform from a humble underpant-wearing pixie into a fifty -foot tall conductor, summoning a storm directly from the livid, ancient throat of the deep and  heaving Amazon midnight.

I saw him conduct massive wild cats of thunder, a space war of terrifying lightning and choreograph an opera of wild forces in the humble shack he used as a temple out on in the true cathedral of plant medicine; the unhurt, untamed jungle.

I drank his black medicine and rode its churning sewer, saw the sick television of my wrung out mind, felt the sickness in me show itself as microscopic demons, roaring through my blood, and outcrops of woody mushrooms, colonising my skin.

I heard him play bells and flutes and feathers with such beauty that it hurt me. I heard him scream like a Tibetan at hosts of unseen beasts and monsters, ghosts and entities that he brought under his reign, or flung to far off galaxies. And when he came near to me, in the pulsing velvet darkness, under the churn and wooze of his sacred plant medicines, I saw his yellow eyes, I saw the devil and the laser in them, and vomited all over myself. And so the journey began.

The next day I was dragged off to another camp, provided an empty hut, a litre of pure and deadly tobacco juice, and told to, “Drink! All.”

I was calmly then observed as I exploded into cascades of treakeled puke, all of which was caught in buckets and carefully examined, and then packed off to a ‘mosquito net diet’ – which meant staying put, inside a rotten old mozzie net, with nothing but the jungle sounds, my own sweaty self, a parade of vile and toxic poisons, and a bucket. For days.

And so the journey began.

What I sought was a cure, and not a franchise opportunity.

And this I received.

And when I left, the maestro over-charged me by $50 and told me, “You are going to have to be write. The war. It is coming. Never: I say you must be Never touch the medicine that does not come from true. Be smart. Be thankful. And stay away from de gringos. Vamos!”

So I was lucky. I didn’t know I was, but I was unbelievably fortunate to have found, somehow, the actual hands of a true Peruvian scientist of plant chemistry, and wizard of healing and psychology. He kicked my ass. He made me cry. He wrung my guts out, wrapped me in honey, buried me underground, scrubbed me with a laundry bush, then let me go as if I’d just popped in for aspirin.

I did not know then that what was happening all around us, and was soon to explode into a catastrophic plunder and humiliation of sacred culture by ruthless and greedy capitalists and quick-fix or thrill-seeking tourists and home dosers who were hunting ayahuasca fortunes, or ayahuasca games.

But I found out soon enough.

~ * ~

When I met Diego Palma, way back in 2008. I saw a very sick man. Even then.

Everything about him was grey. His skin was lizard-shed ash, his teeth were dark. His eyes were hooded. His clothes looked somehow withered.

On the doorstep of his massive luxury villa, complete with a ‘temple’ purpose-built for up to 100 people, with his own luxurious seat, elevated on a guru-like podium at center, all around me glittered with money, but the man before me exuded something dry and desolate. Something made of ashes.

If there was an actual opposite of everything I knew from my time out in the jungle, this was it.

I never went to any of his gigs, because I was, frankly, scared to. Even though what Palmer offered was singsongs and candlelights, and I had already seen a level of plant mastery that was more dangerous, more wild and deliberately lethal.

But I made meals and cookies and veggie patches at my little pension nearby, and I watched.

I watched Diego Palma, and his wife, Milagros’ massive tide of in-coming fans, travellers and seekers of sacred healings, vision quests, cancer treatments and psychedelic cleansings that they marketed across the world, and sold like toffee apples. I watched the inner circle build, and spread its tentacles to America, Australia, and Bali.

There were many foreign proteges to the Diego throne, mostly moonblinked and miserable in between the happy clappy ceremonies they served at with made up songs, and none of the ancient, taboo-fearing etiquette that true shaman conduct with fear and reverence.

The inner circle, the next wave of wealth-making gringo shaman, being prepared to expand the empire, were in those days kept strictly on poverty wages. They often cruised my pension guests trying to earn a dollar selling kombucha or brownies as they wrestled with supporting themselves in far off lands, and yearned for their emperor, Diego, to anoint them as shaman, and let them loose on the vast fortunes to be made.

I heard all their woes, and lent one or two of them $10, because I detest kombucha, and make better brownies anyway. And I kept away from Diego Palmer. Even in the street.

But I did go, one fine afternoon, out hiking in the far off hills, to find his abandoned maestro.

It took me days to find the place.

Information was hard to get. The man was already disappearing into a void of secrets and forgetting.

I hobbled together a vague sketch of hills to climb, a river to cross, corn fields, boulders, Inca ruins and set out with a picnic of avocado and bright tomatoes from our garden.

What I found, under the hot Andean sun, I will not describe here in full, out of respect and mercy.

Suffice to say, the small, dark man was sick. His farm was under heavy shadow. There was a darkness over everything.

He told me he was broken. Because it was him who had given Diego Palma enough of what he had to break the covenants of magic, and he was guilty then, of causing this betrayal, and was also under relentless attack from Palmer, in the valley.

Recruiting the unwitting subconscious or occult energy of his endless tide of unwitting clients, Diego, he told me, could easily destroy him in the dreamworld, and the war, he could not even fight it. He was done. He knew it then, as he poured us tea with gnarly fingers, and looked through swollen eyes across his ratty gardens.

A few years later, I heard by casual mention, that the healer man was dead. His farm was obliterated in a freak flood, as I remember. And that was all was ever told, and even less remains today about the one who fell first, and whose dark magic student joins him now.

~ * ~



72 thoughts on “Death of a Shaman ~ Diego Palma takes his own medicine

  1. Dear Deanne, thanks for your message. Yes, that’s kindof my point, exactly. Those who teach, lead and discuss without inventing a veil or ‘mystery’ across their views and characters may be more complex to deal with, but at least you will know where they truly stand…. most of you ‘on the scene’ don’t really want that. It’s too much like hard work.

  2. Reading your article makes me sad and perplexed. Diego may (like all of us) have had his mistakes, but this “grimace of evil” is more likely to come from your imagination, which is still refined by hate – and not yet permeated by compassion. I travel in the Ayahuasca field in Peru for more than 20 years and knew Diego, know Agustin Rivas and many, many indigenous and gringo shamans. There are capable healers, incompetent blenders and shameless exploiters on both sides. The distorted picture that you paint from Diego is not true. Everyone who knew him knows that – which unfortunately you do not belong to. Your criticism of some “Gringo Ayahuasqueros” that they are only out for money and abuse their power may be true in some cases. Often, however, medicine has initiated and illuminated Western healers and made them to important “bridge healers” between the cultures.
    Many of the indigenous shamans have no idea of ​​the cultural context and the very special mental illnesses of the Westerners. I have seen so many “Gringos” that were hopelessly overwhelmed by the rough path of the Shipibos, Ashanicas and Shuar in the ceremonies and Dietas and often they only got back on their feet by Western Ayuasqueros who gave that special kind of love and emphasis in the work that was needed. There are countless indigenous shamans who are extremely keen on money and preach water in the ceremonies, and later drink liters of beer.
    There is light and shadow everywhere! Even your revered master Don Agustin has earned a lot of money and has not put everything into his school but also into own business projects in Iquitos. In Yushintaita a lot of money is being made. When Rivas was promoted and marketed by the German “spiritual” travel agency “Oasis”, there were hair-raising ceremonies in Europe with more than 60 participants and completely exaggerated promises at the Capiruna ceremonies. He never had a problem with Oasis marketing him as the “top-ranking shaman” in Peru. (Which is utter nonsense, since I know his path of study). Don Agustin also has his shadow, he is a business man AND a great healer and musician, whom I love and respect – just like Diego Palma. Your path with medicine has not yet brought you into love, everyone knows who reads your hate speech about a dead person. But there you are right now. Many Western seekers who search and go the “very authentic” shamanic way fall into these trap. They become dogmatic, self-righteous and defend the “true way” of shamanism in an almost fanatic way. Everyone else has no idea! But they KNOW!
    My advice would be to go in Dieta, drink some medicine and face your feelings and projections. And allow love and compassion to make your world colorful again. At the moment it is mostly black and white.
    These are words from my heart, plant sister. They are not against but for you.
    Much love and all the best for you Path!

  3. At long last! Diego is EXPOSED! What a literal cancer to the medicine world, Diego and Milagros… The justiciamiento of the usurpers has begun in force.

    You detail beautifully here things that are so difficult to articulate and paint a picture of. I personally bore witness to (having purchased land in Chihuanco in PIsac and built a temple back in 2010) to the floods you speak of that overcame Pisac and Taray. Also, that the broken elder healer’s brother had the misfortune of falling and dying on that same property right about the same time. The shadow and curse on him and his land was well known and so too were the reasons.

    I took a stand for the light and the traditional ways against the likes of Diego Palma, Gopal, Eduardo, Kush, and many others who had established themselves in the sacred valley and were/are usurping and commercializing la Abuela Ayahuasca.

    This that has now passed with Diego Palma is the same that will be revisited upon ALL usurpers of la Abuela, and this is an absolute edict and prophecy.

    The Satrapa’s have been called forward to hold the line now. I feel so very strongly of the importance to share this story far and wide; and you have narrated it so justly. Thank you from the depth of my heart.

    -Bohike Francis Ernesto
    Satrapa Umina Sonku

  4. You know, in all my time with Diego, he never once spoke of sorcery or dark magic. He didn’t give a lot of credence to the widespread amazonian notion that one can use the medicine as a means of astral attack. He never had any fear of being attacked by anyone in this way and it was never a topic of conversation with him, except as something strange and foreign. Yet in this article, you assert that he was involved in psychic warfare with his past teacher.

    Taking a step back…when most people die, nobody rejoices in their passing. Yet, you (the author of this piece), the commenter above, and one other person I’ve seen in social media, seem to be quite thrilled that Diego has passed away. These are some uncommonly sharp daggers pointed at a man’s spirit.

    Maybe look inside to be sure you aren’t projecting anything onto Diego that you yourself need to own. An angry spirit sees enemies everywhere.

    Was this “real estate mogul” maybe just a homeowner?
    Could these “tactical public relations” actually be heartfelt outreach?
    Maybe this tech professional from Lima didn’t come to the Sacred Valley from Lima to exploit it for riches and profit. Is it so hard to believe that he was miserable in the city and was looking for healing himself, and when he found it developed a deep desire to share it with others?
    Of course Diego wasn’t perfect. Nobody is. Could it be that his failings were just a little bit of ignorance and a little bit of self cherishing – the likes of which we all possess – and not the workings of a nefarious and calculating mind as you so assert?

    Could it be that Diego’s work, in the end, is of net benefit, to the planet and the world?

  5. Ahhh… dear ‘Just a Friend’.

    you seem to show here, a total fail in understanding and respecting what plant medicines and shamanism is all about.
    As the ethnobotanist says; a gringo dabbling with these forces is like a toddler playing with sharks.
    And Diego did lure in many, many toddlers.
    And, no. I don’t think your ‘quiet guy nextdoor’ theory really flies.
    Perhaps if you read the other testimonies in the comments?
    And maybe if you had the privilege to have encountered actual ayahuascero work, then you would know the difference.
    But. Predators always work this way.
    In the gaps of unknowing. And in the absence of safe hands. And in clubs of moonblinked admirers.
    The fastest and easiest way to test the validity of this story is to simply watch the ayahuasca scene itself, peddled and fed upon by the likes of Jarrah Tree and Rachel Love Love, and the gluttony, fake mastery and general dingbat idiocy of what’s going on while they make bank. all of this is because of Diego. it all feeds into his empire.
    and it’s all part of the rising and coming catastrophic blow to the little planet earthling, as these forces size off.
    In ways, which you, it seems, have absolutely no concept of, despite ‘all your time’ with a shaman????
    oh dear.
    Thanks for the message.

  6. For what it’s worth, I dieted with a Shipibo curandera in Pucallpa. At the end of my diet she told me to not drink medicine with anyone else immediately afterwards. She said they might to “steal my dieta”. I asked, “What about Diego Palma?” She said that with Diego there is nothing to worry about. So there’s that.

    You have a perspective, and that’s fine. I just think that it’s important that your readers, who may not have the context to make a judgement based upon their own experience, have access to another viewpoint, and that they can see how you have contorted facts to suit your narrative.

    Have a nice day.

  7. Dear Justafriend, sorry – that almost reads like a 5-year-old’s retort. I very much doubt that a genuine Shipibo curandero would have any opinion of the likes of Diego Palma.
    And to be honest, I take this anecdote with a pinch of salt.

  8. Oh JustaFriend, You TOTALLY MISS THE POINT! And no legitimate Shipibo vegetalista whatsoever in Pucallpa is going to vouch in any way for Diego Palma! PERIOD! If you claim so, then please provide the name of this purported onanyabo, and when I go to Pucallpa to visit my Shipibo grandmothers, I will specifically go and speak with this person to verify if they IN FACT VOUCHED FOR DIEGO and report back here in truth!

    A whole lot of “what ifs” in your rebuttals. I have one for you:

    WHAT IF a competent Vegetalista and Spiritual guide who was also living and working in Pisac for years repeatedly set Diego aside and told him to CEASE AND DESIST what he was doing because he wasn’t an Ayahuasquero, and that he didn’t cook the ‘medicine’ he was serving was just insult to injury because he could not vouch for what the ‘medicine’ contained, be it in substance or in prayer?!

    That him losing his TEETH at the onset of his adventures into serving Ayahuasca was a direct reflection, from the inception, to not! (in the end it was the price of his pact – but I bet you didn’t know that)

    What if Diego’s denial of sorcery was to convince idiot neophytes they had nothing to worry about as he summarily sucked their life force?!

    Take a look at the young man “Nacho” now stepping into his footsteps… Look at his countenance. Notice that same wrinkling ashy coming on. It is characteristic of someone being energetically bled out by serving Ayahuasca without being an Ayahuasquero Coronado!

    DID YOU EVER HERE THE PHRASE, “You will know them by their fruits?”


    Just watch in these next months to come the domino of illness and death that follows all of Diego Palma’s infected community now that he is dead, and the evil forces he was in league/pact with come to collect the only way they know how; sucking the life out of all those people he served his poison to.

    I suspect then you will be writing with your real name asking Jade to refer you to a legitimate medicine person to help you from the fallout!

    The point in these expositions is this. Certain few selfish, greedy, nefarious, COLONIALIST MINDED AND EVIL HEARTED wanna-be’s are hurting allot of people with our indigenous medicines, and this has to come to an end.

    You will be eating all your what-ifs soon enough.

    Bohike Francis Ernesto
    Satrapa Umina Sonku

  9. Your worldview is quite similar to the puritan calvinists who colonized this turtle island – the view that one can know who was “elect” after observing what has become of them in this life. These are the people who committed genocide and said that if god hadn’t wanted it, he wouldn’t have empowered them to do it. These are the people who would cast and shun any woman who gave birth to an infant born with a deformity, because they were “obviously” not on good terms with god. That’s what you sound like when you use Diego’s death as evidence against him in your character assassination of him. This isn’t how things work. This is a wrong view. Plain and simple.

    The world is reaching a tipping point. There’s no time left for recrimination and anger. All I can say for myself is that I have been honest in everything that I have said here. I’m sorry if I have ever done anything to hurt you in this life or the past.

    I don’t know if Diego crossed the medicine or not. Believe me, I’ve discussed the possibility with a mutual friend. Maybe he did. Maybe he did not. I do not pretend to be able to see all the fruits of his actions – as you seem to feel you are able to.

    Maybe he was not in right relationship with her. But I’m not one to judge. What bothers me is that this whole article is a massive judgement, encouraging whoever might happen upon it to judge in turn – based on zero firsthand knowledge. There may be some truth to what Jade has written. But the reality of Diego’s life and actions is a much more complicated story. This is an article with few factual details, much vitriol, and several inaccuracies – even if it does raise some VERY IMPORTANT POINTS about colonization. Diego is cast here, not as the man he actually was, but as a central character in the author’s dramatic production as she imagines a cosmic war of good and evil.

    Even if Diego did cross the medicine, I still call him a friend, and know that there was a lot of good in his life and in his being. I know that he cultivated love in his life and strove to be responsible as he best knew how.

    If Diego had to die, it was due to his karma.
    Karma is more powerful than medicine.
    Karma is more powerful than poison.
    Karma is more powerful than all the angels and demons put together.

    The karma of divisive language is indeed heavy and I do not wish to create more. But the truth is important.

  10. Oooo… Ok, so wait a minute.
    We disagree with your suggestions, we continue to discuss the subject, others confirm and collaborate the ideas and the evidence that something was very wrong with Diego and his real estate and brainwashing-style tactics…. and now we are baby killers? and genociders?
    Good heavens man. Get a grip on yourself!

    It’s very important to stay calm and try to digest what has been suggested here.
    First, Diego was supposedly at the service of the medicine, which means, he put his life and body at the service of a diety, using the plants as a sacrament, and in shamanic work, that full well means his fate was most assuredly in the hands of the ayahuasca. Unfortunately, what you’re doing, I think, is mashing up Western Cartesian ideas, some denial and anger, and frustration with an attempt at reason, and then trying to make a shamanic trifle of it.

    I wrote that I could see problems with Diego, just by looking at him, his website, and the flow on effects he created – everywhere – and that I followed the trails of evidence and was told, from direct sources, that he was involved in sorcery. and somebody else here has written the same thing, and also that Diego lost his teeth to the plant… these things dont bode well for a ”good man’, or a curative ‘ ayahuasca habit. Obviously.

    The world has reached a tipping point and there is no time for anger?
    What planet are you ON, mate?

    It’s exactly the time for strong, clear, empowered truth telling, overthrowing of dingbats and predators and clearing up the mess. Singing Kum Bye Ahhh is not going to fix this mess. And if Diego told you it would, then he was sedating you.

    A lot of people call making a strong point, or saying unpopular things, or revealing taboos, or coming out against their heroes… angry. But this is not angry, this is just the adventure – difficult and dangerous – of dealing with the reasons why, and what to do about being at a Tipping Point!!!

    In the West, we do not flake out on magic carpets of shanti peace bubble lala when things get dangerous. We think! We articulate! We use reason. We discuss. We develop character. We get clear headed. We turn up. We use systems of freedom, argument and discussion, and sometimes even actual hard acts, and we Do Something.

    That’s what an education, privilege and courage are for.

    Karma?? Are you freaky serious?
    Now we’re going to use karma as part of the conversation? And an excuse to shut it down??
    It’s New Age fruit salad for breakfast. Again.

    No. Karma belongs to a totally different paintbox, no matter how Diego tried to use it as his opiate, to make everybody fall into the spell of non-speaking, and non action, and adoring the guru… that’s all so very nice: when you are the guru.

    However, if you are going to insist on pulling the karma kitty out of the cactus, then it would appear that even the Hindu dieties which measure and allocate it, have decided to dispatch Mr Palma.

    “Truth is important” is about the only thing you have said here which I can cheer for.

    It’s why I wrote the article in the first place.

  11. Oh dear. If you were to rely on facts and reasoning, the barbs in your rhetoric would be unnecessary. I didn’t call you a baby-killer or a perpetrator of genocide. I’m sorry that you fail to see the connection between your own reasoning and that of those who did commit such crimes.

    Sickness and death is the destiny of all who are born. There are wonderful medicines in this world but in the end, their power is all limited. I’m sorry I brought karma into the discussion. It was unfair. It’s not a concept you are familiar with. When I speak of karma, I am referring to karma in the Buddhist sense – not in the Hindu or new age understanding of the word – which I agree are mistaken. But I know you don’t what I am talking about here. You have said in your writings that the Buddha and ayahuasca don’t get along – which tells me you understand neither the Buddha nor ayahuasca. If the residents of the Amazon learned a bit more about Milarepa, maybe they wouldn’t fear demons and sorcery so much.

    If you say Diego died as a punishment for not respecting the medicine, I could respond by saying that he was actually rewarded for serving the medicine so well. I could say his work here was done and she called him up to serve her better in the higher realms. His body had been beaten savagely in this life (you do know about the intense physical assaults he suffered? Or not?) and she gifted him a new one, saving him from the burden of carrying his pain any longer….You see the problem with this type of justification? It’s merely a tool for spin, and in this article and comments is being used to justify hatred.

    You could have written an article about a real villain. Maybe Bolsonaro or Chevron or any of the number of powers who are destroying the amazon for profit. You could have written about missionaries who convince native amazonians and andeans to abandon their own traditions. Instead you write about Diego, even as his family and friends are still mourning, whose medicine work has connected thousands of westerners to the amazon and its traditions. Nobody knows who among them might take up the work that needs to be done.

    Moreover, you don’t provide any evidence to back up your claims.

    And I don’t know what you both are going on about with Diego’s teeth. His teeth were fine, if not a bit yellow by western standards. And Nacho’s complexion? Seriously? When was the last time either of you sat down with Nacho?


  12. “no matter how Diego tried to use it as his opiate, to make everybody fall into the spell of non-speaking, and non action, and adoring the guru… that’s all so very nice: when you are the guru.

    However, if you are going to insist on pulling the karma kitty out of the cactus, then it would appear that even the Hindu dieties which measure and allocate it, have decided to dispatch Mr Palma.”

    This describes neither how karma operates nor how Diego behaved. I don’t think I ever heard Diego speak of karma. Diego never considered himself to be a guru. He never shut people down and prevented them from speaking out. Again – your idea of Diego is a fiction.

  13. “JustaFriend”, its time to send you home with a proper coñaso before it comes to a chontaso ha la varayok!


    SECONDLY, I REPEAT, NO legitimate Shipibo vegetalista whatsoever in Pucallpa is going to vouch in any way for Diego Palma! PERIOD! If you claim so, then PROVIDE the name of this purported onanyabo! RIGHT NOW, OR CEASE!

    THIRDLY, you clearly do not know anything about KARMA! Which means absolutely nothing more than the OPERATION OF THE LAW OF CAUSALITY – i.e. Cause and Effect. Effects are produced by causes. The more perfect the causes the more perfect the effects that follow.


    Justafriend, stop focusing for a moment on Jade. Focus on me squarely. You cannot just dismiss or pigeonhole me. I am speaking from first hand experience. I have been traveling to and working with medicine in Peru since 2002, and lived in Pisaq for 3 years, from 2008-2011. I built a temple in Pisac which is still standing having been donated to an orphanage initiative after the ministry of culture declared sector Chihuanco archaeologically compromised. What I am saying to you is, you are taking up this charge over Diego, when you say he is “Just a friend” (A certain song comes to mind), but ARE ENTIRELY IGNORANT OF THE ACTUAL FACTS AND ABSOLUTELY CATASTROPHICALLY RETARDED WHEN IT COMES TO KNOWLEDGE IN THE MEDICINE WAYS.

    Your philosophical point of view IS MEANINGLESS and not germane to the subject at hand.

    So, who am I to say so and by what authority?! I am a Mestizo born in the Dominican Republic. Kiskeyanos were the first to confront the genocide of colonialism under Christobal Colon. In the D.R. only ~ 8-15% of the population survives with indigenous genealogy. Allot of Dominicans today in some way identify as Taino descendants, and certainly from an autosomal point of view, a great percentage of the population carries traces of Taino. However, what I am referring to here is unbroken indigenous genealogy, which given the nature of the genocide and rape of Taino woman, practically speaking only survives along the mtDNA maternal line.

    My mtDNA is haplogroup A2d, and a direct unbroken Taino descendant. I am also the Keeper of the last known relics of a Cacike (Guanin) and Bohike (Campana) to have survived the genocide of Colonialism in Quisqueya. That is to say, I am heir, and with it comes the sanction to speak to certain matters with unquestioned authority, to ANYONE IN THE AMERICAS!

    I Bohike, Cacike and Satrapa Francis Ernesto de la Maza Tactuk Salomon, Umiña Sonku, bear witness, before the Creator God, the Ancestors, La Abuela, and the medicine altars, against the EVILS AND SATANIC SORCERIES OF DIEGO PALMA, and do so with the FULL AUTHORITY OF THE ALTARS I KEEP AND MY RANK OF INVESTITURE.

    Justafriend, I guarantee you, that if you drank Diego’s poison, that very soon, if it hasn’t begun already, you will begin to feel the cost of that decision in your health. My sincere sense based upon your writing is you are already deeply in an obsessive loop, and the reason why you display a need to vilify Jade here – under the false pretexts of some bullshit philosophical sophistry – is in order to NOT GO CRAZY FROM THE DISSONANCE THE TRUTH and RENDING OF THE VEILS IS PRODUCING INSIDE OF YOU. If you persist in defending him or that camp of bad medicine, ON YOUR HIGH PHILOSOPHICAL NEW AGE HORSE, KNOW that the Abuela will single you out as a shining example of the Turning Over (Pachakuti) and chastisement coming to all the COLONIALIST WORLD and the USURPERS of our TRADITIONS, MEDICINES, CHILDREN, AND LANDS. You feel me ‘friend’?

    If you think its a time for false peace, build on mercy, you are grievously mistaken. Its a time for Akalis Chakrams Maratha Spears, and Chonta varas, and they are all in the altars already. A TIME OF FIERCE JUSTICE. I am not going to decode this for you. You who throw around the word Karma as you do ought to know!

    Take a step back. Reevaluate. Maybe then you will get a grip on what you have exposed yourself to and be blessed with the mercy and grace from GOD to heal from that poison in your mind and from the entities chattering you up. You are out of your depth, in every sense, and have no qualifications or authority to speak to these matters. Cease and desist or you are just making yourself an accessory after the fact, and KARMA, your KARMA will come for you.

    As a side, all this new age talk about Karma. Please! Are you a bonafide initiate of any lineage that actually uses this term as part of its corpus? Like Vajrayana or Sikh. I suspect (dare I say it is an educated assumption on my part) NOT, simply because of the pedantic manner in which you speak about Karma. Not at all knowledgeable… Just new age, California boundary blur, fluff!

    Anyone who disagrees with the veracity or truth of my statements is welcome to reach out to me directly. If you have a good soul, la Abuela will invite you to this altar and medicine to deal with the exposures from Deigo Palma’s poison. Yes! With each person that is healed from the exposure, the remaining who haven’t dealt with it will become sicker. ITS KARMA, which is by an operation of the LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT, and requires knowledge in la ciencias ocultas de vegetalismo to fully appreciate and understand!

    You have been informed and warned!

    -Satrapa Umina Sonku

    LXI. The world is in travail, and its agitation waxeth day by day. Its face is turned towards waywardness and unbelief. Such shall be its plight, that to disclose it now would not be meet and seemly. Its perversity will long continue. And when the appointed hour is come, there shall suddenly appear that which shall cause the limbs of mankind to quake. Then, and only then, will the Divine Standard be unfurled, and the Nightingale of Paradise warble its melody.

    (Baha’u’llah, Gleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah, p. 118)

    Witness how the world is being afflicted with a fresh calamity every day. Its tribulation is continually deepening. From the moment the Suriy-i-Ra’is (Tablet of Ra’is – Tablet of the Chief) was revealed until the present day, neither hath the world been tranquillized, nor have the hearts of its peoples been at rest. At one time it hath been agitated by contentions and disputes, at another it hath been convulsed by wars, and fallen a victim to inveterate diseases. Its sickness is approaching the stage of utter hopelessness, inasmuch as the true Physician is debarred from administering the remedy, whilst unskilled practitioners are regarded with favor, and are accorded full freedom to act. …The dust of sedition hath clouded the hearts of men, and blinded their eyes. Erelong, they will perceive the consequences of what their hands have wrought in the Day of God. Thus warneth you He Who is the All-Informed, as bidden by One Who is the Most Powerful, the Almighty.

    (Baha’u’llah, Gleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah, p. 39)

    O Ahmad! Forget not My bounties while I am absent. Remember My days during thy days, and My distress and banishment in this remote prison. And be thou so steadfast in My love that thy heart shall not waver, even if the swords of the enemies rain blows upon thee and all the heavens and the earth arise against thee.

    Be thou as a flame of fire to My enemies and a river of life eternal to My loved ones, and be not of those who doubt.

    And if thou art overtaken by affliction in My path, or degradation for My sake, be not thou troubled thereby.

    Rely upon God, thy God and the Lord of thy fathers. For the people are wandering in the paths of delusion, bereft of discernment to see God with their own eyes, or hear His Melody with their own ears. Thus have We found them, as thou also dost witness.

    Thus have their superstitions become veils between them and their own hearts and kept them from the path of God, the Exalted, the Great.

    (Baha’u’llah, Tablet of Ahmad, Baha’i Prayers, p. 210)

    If some people do not understand the hidden secret of one of His commands and actions, they ought not to oppose it, for the supreme Manifestation does what He wishes. How often it has occurred, when an act has been performed by a wise, perfect, intelligent man, that others incapable of comprehending its wisdom have objected to it and been amazed that this wise man could say or do such a thing. This opposition comes from their ignorance, and the wisdom of the sage is pure and exempt from error. In the same way, the skilled doctor in treating the patient does what he wishes, and the patient has no right to object; whatever the doctor says and does is right; all ought to consider him the manifestation of these words, “He doeth whatsoever He willeth, and commandeth whatever He desireth.” It is certain that the doctor will use some medicine contrary to the ideas of other people; now opposition is not permitted to those who have not the advantage of science and the medical art. No, in the name of God! on the contrary, all ought to be submissive and to perform whatever the skilled doctor says. Therefore, the skilled doctor does what he wishes, and the patients have no share in this right. The skill of the doctor must be first ascertained; but when the skill of the doctor is once established, he does what he wishes.

    (Abdu’l-Baha, Some Answered Questions, p. 173)

    535. O people of the world! The Creed of God is for love and union; make it not the cause of discord and disunion. In the sight of the men of discernment and those who are holding to the Manifestation, that which is the means of preservation and the cause of the ease and tranquillity of the servants is revealed from the Supreme Pen; but the ignorant of the earth who are fostered in ambition and lust are heedless of the matured Wisdom of the True Wise One and are speaking and working in imaginations and fancies.

    544. Say: O servants, make not the course of order to be the cause of confusion, and make not the reason of union to be the occasion of discord! It is hoped that the people of Baha will look towards the blessed Word: “Say, all are from the Presence of God”; and this exalted Word resembles water for extinguishing the fire of hatred and animosity which is deposited in all minds and hearts. The different creeds will attain the light of real union through this simple Word. Verily, He sayeth the Truth and guideth in the Path, and He is the Powerful, the Mighty, and the Wonderful!

    (Baha’u’llah, in Baha’i Scriptures, p. 262)

  14. Dear Justafriend, you’re becoming a bit of a patronising little wanker, mate.
    You did imply those things.
    Are you from the American south, perhaps?? Coz that’s what it sounds like to moi.
    As it happens, mate, I am well versed in matters Karma – as a decade-long dweller in Hindu culture.
    But Ho! and Lo! I see you, in your MIght, have written off the entire Hindu archive as irrelevant.
    Wow! You really are The Man.
    There is Baby Level Karma, which you are still sucking on.
    And there is Grown Up Level Instruction on karma, which I advise you not to dare to approach.
    You are going to have to learn to get the nails of American Christianity out of your mouth first. They do so twist everything you guys try to swallow.
    On that note, I’ve almost had enough of your torrent of whiteman bullying.
    Take a hike.
    and if you want to address Chevron, or Bolsonaro – then grow some balls and do it yourself, instead of sitting there like some sort of pompous misogynist, casting your yellow eye over the court, and stamping on voices which dont chime in with your cult buddies.
    My view. You’re already gone, buddy.
    You might want to try a 10 day Vipassana.
    Or some sort of intervension.
    You show exactly the sort of passive aggressive, mean-eyed, attack culture that I have warned of over and over again, rising from the swamp of Diego’s medicine.
    People, dressed as flower children, with vipers in their hearts.
    ‘Nice guys’ who have vicious dingbat souls, just beneath their skin.
    You walk in the mist.
    You dress in white, proffering your careful display of manners and pleads, but inside, mate, you’re sick with green.
    You could have argued any points here, opened and lead any useful conversation, but you didnt.
    You had the floor. You used it to throw muck.
    You send out wild allegations, but you cant prove them.
    You accuse, while you commit.
    You claim there are errors in the story – I’ve already published that IF there are, I will Correct them and Apologies for them – but you dont give actual argument, or specifics.. you’re full of gas.
    In short, you’re a coward, my friend.
    An armchair revolutionary. And I’m getting the idea that, behind closed doors, you’re the type that leaves bruises on women. Or fantasises about it.
    Those are my guesses. I’m very experienced with perpetrators, as a specialist in villains.
    Among the THOUSANDS Diego messed up with medicine: let me tell you how many are Fighting the Good Fights out there: NONE!
    Instead they’re all selling medicine.
    Or contacting people like me to say they think they might be possessed because of it.
    Or mourning their pimp.
    While plotting to rise as medicine workers. Like yourself. Right??
    Right, mate???
    You’re on the make as well, aint ya?
    Run along.

  15. Friend.
    You’re just wrong, all over the place.
    But thank you for your comments, they exemplify the very problems I am pointing to.
    Shutting down people, was exactly Palma’s main game.
    Then employing them to his own advantage.
    Mourn on.

  16. Dear Bejaflor,
    It’s a constant eyebrow raiser to me
    how those of you
    who claim to be ‘healed’ and peaceful
    constantly accuse those who speak out, reveal the other side of the cult and New Age story, or reveal abusers and charlatans
    as bereft of ‘love’.
    It’s such a nasty, tetanus-infected dagger
    which you guys like to use, to stab from under your white moomoos
    your critics.
    It’s a cheap move, and you know it.
    Because LOVE, my friend, is exactly that which gives rise to courageous voices who dare to buck the lies and secrets of perpetrators.
    LOVE is that which rallies those who defect from organised abuse and call it out.
    LOVE is the very reason for this story.
    In order that others might be cautioned to take better care, to walk with the wisdom of discernment, or to be able to admit that yes, they too have come to realise that there are villains in the mix. And not have their voices crushed or stolen, and turned into moonblinked chorus with the ‘tribe’.
    My friend, it is the very essence – love and compassion – which creates this blog, and my stories within it.
    Read History, mate.
    Read the Myths.
    It is always Love which inspires those who raise the sword or the word
    when evil has breached the brink.
    My world, as I believe my writing shows, it vivid with colour, thank you very much.
    And also, wild rich with tinctures and balms to heal the places where you lot leave your constant sideways stabs upon it.
    Here’s a tip for you: learn to fight and defend up front, like a man – be honest.
    Hold your weapons up in front of you, so we can spar in daylight, and I dont have to defend from infected little cuts designed to cause shame and tears, as well as defend up front.

  17. And so, i think i can rest my case on exactly this sort of comment.
    Thank you.
    It reveals much about what’s really in the hearts of the Diego Palma tribe.
    On your desperate mention of law suits , i find it fascinating that people who live outside the law, and who want to ‘tear down patriarchy’ and ‘create a new earth’, etc, do tend to run off to daddy when faced with the grownup business of contending about ideas, or being called to account.
    But I imagine the irony of that is lost on you.
    As i have said, legal action? That’s neither happening, nor likely to, because inviting the law into your story is likely to result in an interpol sting on your drug trafficking buddies.
    You realise that the ayahuasca compounds are restricted, criminal trafficking substances?
    And you realise, especially your mates in Australia, that they are outright prohibited as a criminal offence?
    Not to mention some difficult questions about cults, molestation, tax, and other matters for your mates to explain when you speak to the police. Who, by the way, you can say hi to from me. I worked with the DPP most of my career, and found them very nice people. Mostly.

  18. I’m not sure if my comment went through the first time, so I’m trying once more…

    I have an altogether different memory of Diego. I met him in the fall of 2009. At that point in time, ayahuasca was still something that most Americans had not heard of. I had been looking for Spanish schools in South America to visit for an immersive learning vacation. In my search, I learned about ayahuasca and became very interested. I finally settled on attending Diego’s retreat. What called me to his retreat was an impression of how integrated Diego and Milagros were with the local community. Milagros was running a local pre-school and Diego’s retreat featured a trip to the Chahuatiri community and a trip to a local orphanage. During the retreat, we visited both and felt very welcomed. Diego was good friends with the founder of the orphanage, and spoke lovingly of her throughout the retreat. She, herself, had recently passed due to her own cancer.

    I stayed in Pisaq for a while after the retreat. At that time, there were not many of us foreigners in town. The weekly ceremonies were only attended by 10-15 people (one ceremony only had four of us). We felt welcomed by locals, and I spent many afternoons hanging out with locals in their shops. I never felt any animosity towards Diego. I never felt that Diego and Milagros were trying to extract money from us. Anyone who was staying in town for any length of time was only charged the Peruvian equivalent of $20 USD to attend one of Diego’s ceremonies. That was their price for locals. Diego certainly didn’t seem to be an ambitious fellow. He just seemed to be content to live his life, and share the medicine. He was delighted to be living in paradise. Days after I left Peru, the floods hit, and Milagros set up a page asking for donations for the victims, to which I gladly contributed.

    His ceremonies were truly beautiful and as Ayahuasca tourism started to develop, people started to get word of his ceremonies. When I returned to Pisaq in the second half of 2010, his small temple was easily packed with 35 people every Friday for ceremony. I could see that the gringo population was growing, and I was already wondering how things would develop. Pisaq is small and I did worry about how the town would handle the influx of foreigners.

    Things were about the same when I visited again in Spring of 2012. Still the same small temple – 35 people max. The gringo population had increased a little, and the word “Gringoville”, which was a little joke between those of us living in La Rinconada in 2009, had become part of the local lexicon. I didn’t become as close to the foreigners I met on this trip as I did on the first. I felt that in 2009 I was meeting people who were very grounded. In 2012, I didn’t feel the same. I guess it’s because the medicine was something that a typical westerner didn’t need to do any digging to discover anymore. In 2009, people had heard about Ayahuasca because they had read about it. In 2012, a lot of people had heard about Ayahuasca because a friend told them about it or they had seen it in a movie.

    During my 2012 trip, Diego talked to me about the land he had purchased. He was inspired by Plum Village and wanted to create a community where people lived together in peace. He was inspired by the large ceremonies he attended in Venezuela, where 200 people joined together in song and ceremony in any given night.

    His inaugural ceremony in his large temple was on December 21st, 2012. You can see his post commemorating the date on his Facebook page. I wasn’t there. During my trip to Pisaq in 2012, I felt that it would be the last one for me for a while. In 2009, I had felt I had found a second home. In 2012, I felt like a traveler passing through.

    I don’t think Diego or Pisaq was really prepared for the influx of people that would start coming through. I did return in 2016 and I found that most of my friends who had stayed in the valley since 2009 had moved away from Pisaq, to more out of the way towns. I heard that the local community had started to feel ruffled by all the foreigners. I also heard the Jehova’s witnesses were quite active with the local population in Pisaq, and that the discord was not coming from objections of locals feeling as if their ancestral traditions were being co-opted, so much as from converted evangelicals who thought medicine work in general was of the devil. Someone mentioned that this was why Diego purchased his land outside of town – so that he could leave all that behind. No need to bother with Pisaq – a town that always seems to be caught up in strong currents of energy. For Diego’s part, I think that more and more “hyper spiritual” people started coming in, bringing their new-age nonsense with them, and, unfortunately, Diego bought into a lot of it. In 2009, he was into Marshall Rosenberg’s writings on nonviolent communication. By 2016, he was more interested in New-Age pop from the likes of Bashar and Jed McKenna. Also, I don’t think Diego was educated so much in the social sciences, and wasn’t tuned in to a lot of the dynamic social processes that were taking place. I could see gentrification (or colonialism) happening because I had studied it in school. I don’t think Diego had this kind of background.

    Getting to know Diego, he was quite open with how his life had shifted due to the medicine. He spoke of his time wearing a suit and tie in Lima as if it was a wholly different chapter in his life. He felt he had found a new way to live, and a new way to be, both with himself and with others. He spoke fondly of his Shipibo teacher. I remember him telling one story of how his teacher completely kicked his ass by giving him a full bowl of medicine one night (not a cup – a bowl!). He spent the night purging from both ends. He said that after that night he asked his teacher why he gave him so much. His teacher told him that if he was to going to serve medicine, he needs to know how it is for someone going through a very hard time. I didn’t get the sense that his Shipibo teacher was from the Sacred Valley area. I did hear third hand that he studied with another westerner in the Sacred Valley, and they had a falling out. And that this westerner lost his house in Taray during the floods – similar to the Shipibo curandero in your article. This western man is alive and well today. The story about Diego’s other shipibo teacher in the valley, the one who died, is very new to me. Forgive me for being a bit incredulous. I never heard of such a person when I was in Pisaq. It would be nice to know some more details and have something to corroborate this story, otherwise, I’ll just have to chalk it up to hearsay. Diego also never pretended to represent any medicine lineage. He was always very clear that he was trying to do serve the medicine in an entirely new and different way. In the end, I have only fond memories of Diego, and though he maybe a flawed human being, I’d like nothing more now than to see him again and give him a big hug.

  19. Hi Fortunaetc, I would love it if you people in ‘the tribe’ would use your real names.
    Because it seems shadowy to me, that whether you are attacking or, more rarely, addressing the conversation calmly, you are always in disguise.
    Why is that?
    What have you learned about the world that you keep yourselves under veils??
    But thank you for writing in such a reasonable way about your views. It’s refreshing to see a sensible discussion.
    So. Yes. It’s nice to see one of these very rare, reasonable defences of the Diego Empire.
    It’s an improvement on the curses and death threats your tribe like to issue out to any critics or whisteblowers.
    You make it very risky ad unappealing for anybody to break rank.
    However, I can enjoy what you say, it is very melodious and also steady, but I have to disagree with almost all of it.
    Firstly, I was there a year ahead of you. And things were very much NOT just innocently and unassumedly ‘flowing’ along. Things were being engineered very aggressively at that stage already. And everybody in Pisac knew it. And nobody (except those who were in on it) was pleased about it. And the real estate was already bought, and so were the add on business ventures that stood to maximise the gain from the in-coming tribe that was being carefully curated.
    Nothing that happening was in any way ‘organic’. And anybody there at the time will confirm this. Or at least, has not stood up to deny it, which is the same thing.
    The obvious truth was that Diego was ‘moving in’ to own the town, and to engineer its colonisation as a ‘medicine town’ and there were a few others on the same bandwidth, but mostly there people were less ruthless and ambitious, and were actually working in a peaceful, non acquisitive way.
    That’s why people left.
    And that’s why areligious counter-movement rose up, because there was the sniff of the devil about it all.
    Diego was never a humble man.
    I met him many many times in Pisac.
    He was always cultivating a ‘king of the valley’ routine. You can see that in his videos.
    He was an unattractive city slicker, who was like a cat, hunting caged birds, when the tourists turned up.
    They were EASY prey. For all the reasons you explain here. Gullible. Culturally oblivious. Lazy travellers.
    Victims of a fad.
    He was the jaws they flew into. And he was smiling as they did, counting the cash, and weaving his limbs into fertile international networks. He cultivated his inner circle, to tell the legend and to be groomed as heirs to the dividends.
    I hardly think this is unusual. It’s what western colonisers DO.
    On matters medicine. Ayahuasca IS HARD MEDICINE. That’s the point.
    That’s what he took out of ceremony.
    It made it more saleable.
    And easier to conduct.
    Ayahausca was never meant to be a gentle medicine. It is Brava!
    And I think, in the thread here you can see that corroborated by another currandero. And also by lineage shaman, who are uneasy about tourist medicine to say the least.
    Yes, Diego talked up the transformation talk.
    It’s the same with yoga goddesses.
    He also talked up whatever charity he may have done, that’s good PR.
    But he didnt talk up the massacre of the lineage holders, all over the Earth. Or the desperate situation of their culture, their land, and the assault on nature.
    He didnt do what a shaman would: move those under his influence toward defence or protection of the lineage.
    he stripped back the rites and the thresholds, and let loose a battalion of ill-equipped gringo shaman, and fleets of uninitiated plant medicine junkies and wannabes.
    It’s tragic.
    And his maestro, I had double checked. Did die. Among many other horror stories of shamanic war.

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