The Book of Leaf

As I was walking about in the forest, variously jubilant with the surprising honour of being in old growth wilderness, virtually untouched by the claws of man, or even the nasty vipers of ‘connectivity’, and at other times hunched and bitter over the battles and treasons that are this Age, upon us everywhere, I began … More The Book of Leaf

Through the window

I hit the boy in a daydream. He strolled his motorbike straight out onto the highway where my 50km an hour cruise in flipflops and sun dress was abruptly confused into a squall of bent metal, shredded petals and grating skin. It was a bright morning, the scent of papaya and grass smoke on the … More Through the window

Australian Stories # 1 – Before the magpie sung me up.

It’s eight years since I left Australia full-time to explore beyond these shark-bitten frontiers. At that time I was empty of stories and exhausted with the thin pickings of a suburban existence on a land that cried out for … what? I’d been living in the Aussie bush for five years and seen snakes, whales, … More Australian Stories # 1 – Before the magpie sung me up.

The heavy bee

The purple flower fits exactly the heavy bee whose little body, swerving like a drunkard on a string, can yet land in exactly the right way to please her. He opens her slightly, she shakes her head then quits her pouting. A gasp; she quivers. The bee drives on and, fully embraced in the throat … More The heavy bee