my America

Gondwana’s prim bouquet of

lemon and honey, red earth and gum

is utterly disheveled

by this exotica

of hot pine, leather,


and sweat. … More my America

Love bird

There was a story once, about a girl so in love, and so confused, that even though the man she adored was near her every day, she never once dared risk his attention. Years and years went by before, one day, she found herself beside him and, even though she was tattered from the heavy seas of … More Love bird

Australian Stories # 1 – Before the magpie sung me up.

It’s eight years since I left Australia full-time to explore beyond these shark-bitten frontiers. At that time I was empty of stories and exhausted with the thin pickings of a suburban existence on a land that cried out for … what? I’d been living in the Aussie bush for five years and seen snakes, whales, … More Australian Stories # 1 – Before the magpie sung me up.